Waskwetin Pahkwesihkan is a 2D game where you play as BB, a bouncing bannock. Dodge enemies for as long as you can to get a high score!

Waskwetin Pahkwesihkan is a 2D game currently being developed by Dallas Flett-Wapash, a Swampy Cree Interactive Developer. At launch (est. 2021), the game is expected to launch for mobile with more content, such as enemies, sceneries, and a short story inspired by Cree legends and language. 

Currently, the demo for Waskwetin Pahkwesihkan includes an endless mode where BB needs to dodge crows for as long as they can. Either using the down/up arrows on your keyboard, or touching the in-game buttons on your phone, you can play as BB, and help them earn a high score before the hungry crows eat them up!